Sunday, March 6, 2016

Paige's First Birthday

Last weekend we flew to Seattle for Paige's first birthday!  So far we have been able to attend all the grandkid's first birthdays and if we are blessed with any more we hope we can continue the tradition!

Paige is a tiny little one and her nickname "Peanut" fits her perfectly. She is in constant motion and does not sleep very well, but she is almost always in a good mood.

We enjoyed a Mexican buffet with a theme of "rainbow".

Poor Alfred did not get an invite to the party.

Greg's brother, Mike, and his new wife, Kelly, were able to come all the way from New York. We haven't seen Mike since Beth and Greg's wedding and it was our first time meeting Kelly. She was great.

Margaritas need no introduction.

Grandma Berta was there! Greg's dad and his girlfriend also attended, but I didn't get a picture of them. It was so good to catch up with everyone.

Beth was not going to feed Paige cake originally, but gave in and made her a grainless cake. It didn't really matter because Paige only at the blueberries off the top anyway!

As you can see Ben was there too, along with his parents and big sis!

All the kids played with the one year old's toys. Why not!

Happy Birthday to Beth's mini-me!

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Roberta Watson said...

Love this post, and love catching up with you all at Paige's birthday!