Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Chagall for Children

Since we bought a yearly pass, we go to the Children's Museum every time we visit La Quinta. There were two new exhibits since our last visit.  The first was the Chagall for Children exhibit. I really didn't know much about him, but I learned a lot. He used a lot of fantasy and color to express emotion in his paintings. There were probably 15 painting copies there, each with an activity. We stayed quite a long time in here.

Here Anna is trying to build the painting as seen through the window.

 They are pretending to be circus performers!

Flower arranging was fun!

You could build part of this house with blue Lincoln logs.

This was a Chagall relief with which the kids could make a rubbing. It did not work so well.

With this activity, kids could add different feathers to the tail.

Chagall started making stained glass windows later in life. The girls could rearrange the pieces to make their own.

This one had an interactive display with something like a Where's Waldo game. There was a lot to find in the painting!

I don't know what this other exhibit was really about, we kind of happened upon it. There seemed to be a lot of unrelated things, but I'm sure I just could not figure out the relationship.

They could make cars and race them.

I had to take a picture of this game as it was just on Survivor this season.

The highlight of the museum trip was finding a caterpillar outside on the grass!

Two days later our Chagall reading book was in the mailbox. Thanks Amazon!

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Roberta Watson said...

What a great museum for the kids!