Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Outdoor Adventures

We have had really cold rainy weather the last two weeks. So it makes my heart glad to look at these pictures from a few weeks ago and know it will be this way again soon!

We took Charlie on a hike very close to home, around a lake I didn't even know existed. It was one mile around the lake so I thought...perfect. No. Mosquitos were everywhere!

The girls really liked the hike because there were ducks and people fishing, but once we hit the swarms they were done!

We went down to Colorado Springs to have lunch with Dan during the Space Symposium. On our way back we decided to stop at Dirty Woman Park in Monument. Apparently the woman who lived on the land that the park is built on kept pigs and other livestock in her home!

We love that every city in Colorado seems to have at least two parks with creeks. Kids and creeks just go together!

Nature girls!

The Space Symposium was the second week of April - I am way behind in blogging!

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