Saturday, May 21, 2016

New Exhibits Trip

A few weeks ago, we took a little trip to the Museum of Science and Nature to check out two new exhibits.  The first one we visited was the Chocolate exhibit. This was the one the girls were most excited about, although they liked the next exhibit even more.

How convenient to have a chocolate shop right when you walk out of the exhibit!

After our snack we headed over to the robotics exhibit.

We loved it!

This robot will solve the cube after you mix up all the squares. There seems to be a Rubix Cube revival going on. Several young kids in our homeschool group are actually in Rubix Cube competitions this summer. 

Unfortunately, the robot kept breaking down and never did solve our puzzle!

A climbing robot was fun to watch.

Robots played soccer!

We did not have time to check out everything, but we did make a last stop to play with the robot cubes. Each cube has a function and you put them together to make your own robot!

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