Friday, May 20, 2016

Mia's Turns Seven!

The day before Mia's actual birthday we were to have her birthday party, but... we woke up to this.

We got a call from the gym where she was going to have her party and they said they wanted to postpone it. They thought it was too dangerous for guests and employees to drive.

Mia was disappointed but handled it well. And her friend, Ellie, came over to play which made it a good day! Ellie even brought Mia a birthday present. We also let Mia open her presents from us.

The next day, her seventh birthday, we sledded in the backyard.

Becky and family came over and we ate some of the cupcakes I had made for the party.

Then the next Saturday we had the party at the gym. Two people that could not attend the week before were able to make it this time!

Her best friends...Ellie, Lorelei and Rylee.
Ooops...we forgot the little sister - best friend!

Happy Happy Birthday, Mia! We hope it was worth the wait!

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