Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wedding Week Friday

We woke up so excited today! The day of the rehearsal and cocktail party! But what to do with two little ones during the day? Dan went golfing with Greg and a few others.

First we had breakfast and then we went on a walk with Beth and Lauren. It was Seattle Street Art Day or something like that. I can't remember the actual name. But I do remember thinking there was a lot of construction going on in weird places. But then we passed some wooden structures with yarn being looped around them and a young lady asked Mia if she would like to help make the "art". Mia had a lot of fun wrapping the yarn around the pegs.

Yes, I know that this is another picture of the back of her head, but I would have to stand out in the street to get her face!

Later I took the girls to lunch and to a local toy store and got some new toys for the evening with the babysitter. I got a call around 2:00 from one of the babysitters scheduled for the night saying that she had food poisoning. We scheduled two babysitters since we would be gone from 5:00 to midnight and there would be Mia, Anna and Avery, all three and under. Our babysitting service (the same service I use in Denver has an office in Seattle) scrambled to get another. I also called a local service. No one was ever able to get a replacement, but the one sitter came and seemed to have no problems with the three kids. The one with food poisoning was also our sitter for Anna and Avery for Saturday's ceremony and for all the kids as they got tired during the reception. The local service was able to provide me with a replacement.

At 4:00 we went downstairs for the rehearsal which went pretty well. Mia really didn't really want to do her flower girl part as she really wanted to play with the new toys upstairs! After regrouping, we went over everything with the babysitter and left for the rehearsal dinner around 5:30.

The dinner was in a room at Escala, a condo complex where Greg's mom Roberta owns a place. The room is very cool and intimate. The dinner was for the wedding party only. We could not possibly have fit any more in.

The table was beautiful...

Ready to begin their life together...

Greg's dad, Ken, gave a speech reflecting on his memories of Greg growing up and Beth and Greg's romance. Some of it was quite funny and revealing! Like the fact that Greg had been knocked unconscious when he was four and Ken had never told Roberta! I wonder what Dan is hiding from me?

The dinner was delicious and it was great to hear the stories of Greg's family. Right afterward, Ken and Roberta generously hosted a cocktail party for all the wedding guests in a large room (originally supposed to be a restaurant) at Escala. It was a great meet and greet as almost everyone coming to the wedding was traveling from California or Eastern Washington.

The decorations were personalized wine bottles personalized with photos of the bride and groom!

Roberta and I have become friends and now family!

A great time was had by all, talking with old friends and relatives and meeting new ones.

The man is the center is the wedding officiant, Greg's Uncle Alan.

Two of Beth's friends from San Francisco, Vanessa and Alyssa.

There was a great fireplace outside where people gathered to chat.

The bride and her mom, grandma, and aunts.

Some of the pictures aren't the best quality, but you get the picture. Haha. Tomorrow...the wedding!!

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Roberta said...

Debbie,,,this post was fabulous. I will get you better quality photos but you can sure tell everyone is ALL smiles.