Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wedding Week Saturday

There are only a few days in your life when you get to wake up and say, "My child is getting married today!" Last Saturday was one of those. Now it was Dan's turn to watch the littles as I went to spend some time with the bride to be and Matron of Honor getting our hair and makeup done.

I got to Beth's room at 10:00 and her hair was already in rollers. I think that's the first time I thought, this is really happening! I was just so happy for her!

Next Lauren got a cute little do.

I was next but I forgot to have someone take a picture of me!

The hair stylist was so funny and friendly. He thought it was great that we had a football game on in the room, pretty unusual for the bride's room! But it was a UCLA game and we had two UCLA grads there.

The makeup artist did a great job on all of us.

After lunch I had Dan bring the precious flower girl to the room to get her hair done.

Beth's jewelry was beautiful and old-fashioned, just like the wedding.

She gave Mia a matching bracelet.

Soon soon soon!

Guess who made it at 2:30, in time for a little make up? Becky! It took a lot of sisterly love and dedication to fly 1000 miles just 5 days after giving birth!

After hair and make up we went back to our room to wait for family picture time.

During that time, Beth and Greg had a "First Look" picture time. They decided not to have Greg see her for the first time at the wedding. That way they didn't have to do pictures after the ceremony and could have fun and attend their own happy hour! And I can't tell you how many weddings we have been to where the pictures end up taking several hours and all the guests are kept waiting for the reception to start.

I made a poor decision to not give Mia a nap that might mess her hair up during this time. She had been traveling and living in hotels all week and was beyond tired. I sure regretted it later.

Mia and Anna made their own fun while waiting to get dressed.

At 4:30 we had family pictures and then tried to keep a very tired preschooler happy until the wedding at 6:00. I had a babysitter for Anna and Avery come at 5:00. Roberta and I were doing a reading at the wedding and I knew Anna would start making a commotion if she saw me up in front.

After Mia's fifth tantrum or so, the wedding began! I had tears in my eyes as Becky and Lauren walked in, knowing what sacrifice Becky made to be there and knowing the great friendship of Beth and Lauren. Mia was next and she tried to walk down the side aisle first! Dan redirected her and she did a great job carrying her sign that said, Here Comes the Bride. Dan and Beth were last. She looked so beautiful! I felt so happy that Greg and her were finally going to get to start their life together.

Their vows were a poem that was a little quirky and funny. We all had to project our voices as the speakers went out right before the ceremony. And then they were Mr. and Mrs. Martin! I don't have any pictures of the ceremony, as we left that to a professional! And BTW, we fed Mia a constant supply of Cocoa Puffs to keep her still and quiet in the front row. You gotta do what you gotta do!

After the ceremony, we all walked downstairs for cocktail hour. I went and got Anna and she stayed through dinner and one dance before getting tired. Towards the end of cocktail hour it was time to say goodbye to Becky so she could make her 9:15 flight. Mia was running around the bar area like a maniac. She does that when she's tired, trying to keep herself awake she gets more and more hyper. I asked her if she would like to watch a video with the babysitter and eat her dinner in the room and she said, "Yes." Good thing, because she was going anyway!

Happy Hour was just that, one hour! And then we went back up to the transformed room. It was stunning. The florist did a great job with the vintage look.

Joey was the MC and did a great job introducing the wedding party. Beth and Greg had their first dance next. They look so right for each other. The banner was added to the picture by Beth's friend who took this picture.

Dinner was delicious. After dinner there were three speeches. Lauren talked about how her best friend, Beth, was "better than yours". John, the best man, talked about how perfect Greg and Beth were for each other. Dan gave a welcome speech and talked a little about our family. All three were great! There was a bet going around. Everyone put in a dollar and made a guess as to when Dan would cry. Who won? Dan, he lasted longer than anyone thought possible (5 minutes+).

Beth and Greg decided that they didn't want cake so we opted for a pie bar! It was unique and fun with lots of vintage pie plates.

The band was amazing and there was a full dance floor until midnight. For a party favor, they gave tickets for a famous Seattle hot dog cart. After 10:30, guests could go outside and get their hot dogs. There were a lot of hot dogs floating around the room!

If the marriage turns out to be as good as the wedding, we are all in for a treat!

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Roberta said...

Beautiful and eloquent post script to Beth and Greg beginning life together as husband and wife. I was successful in not tearing up (too much) at the wedding, but reliving it with you through this post brought a tear of joy. Thank you Deb and Dan for sharing your families life and your beautiful daughter with our family.