Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A New Activity

Our schedule has been very different this week as Mia is going to be in a play! A neighbor has organized a children's production of The Wizard of Oz. Anna was going to participate too, but she has decided she doesn't like the rehearsals too much and prefers to hang on my leg! Mia will be a munchkin. She will sing, dance, and have one speaking line. I am in charge of the props and that's why we have glitter and paint all over the house!

Tonight we went to free day at the children's museum again. We hit all the things we missed last month, starting with the temporary water exhibit.

They got to write with water.

And play with the force of water.

And Holy Reinforcement!! I couldn't have planned a better learning experience. They got to use what they learned at Dam Day over the weekend to build a dam! Mia knew exactly what to do. She spent a lot of time building her dam.

Inside we visited the Vet Office. All the kids take this very seriously, jabbing fake needles into the pets and locking them into all sorts of cages.

Anna spent most of her time as the receptionist.

We played outside a bit.

They were giving out emergency kits tonight.

Mia was so excited about the kits. She must have asked four or five times on the way home, "Mom, pllleeaasse get in an accident so we can use the mergency kit." I looked at her in the rear view mirror to tell her once more that, "No, I wasn't going to get in an accident," and she was wearing the face mask on her head with the whistle in her mouth. "Why is that on your head?" I asked. "It's my mergency helmet." I thought about getting an accident just so I could see what she might do.

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