Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Super Immune Systems

So another playdate is canceled due to the friend having a fever. This happens a lot, but never from our side.

Mia has a super amazing immune system. She has had one 2-day cold and one 1-week cold with a lingering cough in the four years we have had her. It really is amazing. She still talks about that time she was sick and how much she didn't like it. Her friends are sick all the time, runny noses, fevers, you name it.

Then we got Anna. We thought she will be more normal in that department. She'll probably get a lot of ear infections as cleft kids are known to get. Nope. Two days of a runny nose and mild ear infection in 14 1/2 months. That's it.

We never have to cancel playdates, field trips or anything for illness.

My older kids were sick all the time. What is up?

Diet? I definitely know a lot more about nutrition than I used to. They eat a lot of fresh fruit, some vegetables and meat. I really try to limit sugar and so called "healthy whole grains". If I could get by with it, we would be sugar and grain free. But I ramble...

Stress? I'm definitely less stressed than I was back then. Money is not an issue as it was then. Time is not much of an issue. We are more relaxed and spend a lot of time at home. But they do see other kids regularly and are exposed to illness.

Cleaner air? I would give that some credence except that all their little friends are sick a lot and live in clean air.

So I guess it will just be a wonderful mystery that I will sit back and enjoy.

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