Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Party On!

For this post you are in for a treat. Most of the pictures were taken by Beth!

Grossie's 90th birthday party was held at a community center. It's in the community she used to live in so it was familiar to her.

She can not remember who most people are so we all wore name tags to help her.

Here is the birthday girl with her two sister-in-laws, Frances, in red, and Katie, in the habit. Katie is the twin sister of Dan's dad. She is 92!

Lots of family were there.

I got to spend some time with my super-photogenic, adorable, sweet grandbabies.

We ate Grossie's favorite food: Panda Express!

And there was birthday cake, of course!

Nails (we have no idea why Mia named him this), the pig, made the rounds.

There was even some serious teaching going on.

Grossie's five children, mostly the two sisters, gave a great party!

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Roberta said...

Great photos! And what ADORABLE kidletts and Grandkidletts!