Saturday, August 10, 2013

We're Off to See the Wizard!

We're off to see the wizard! Tonight is the play! It has been a loooonnngggg week. There are two casts, a younger and an older. The younger still don't know all of their lines. They are on tomorrow. Mia has one line as a munchkin for both nights and she has it down. We'll have to see what she does tonight! Not sure if we will do this again next year. It has turned our lives upside down. It reminds me of when I thought my kids had to be in everything to be a good mother. Now, I thinks it's just perfectly fine to spend their time with us and an extra activity once in awhile.

I won't be taking pictures tonight as I'll be doing all the props. But I took pictures at the dress rehearsal. The room is darkened because we have special effects.

I will upload some videos from the dress rehearsal later.

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