Friday, August 2, 2013

Three in Twenty Four

In the past twenty four hours I have seen three very different shows! Thursday morning the girls and I went to see Story Pirates. It's a show with a group of actors that take students stories and make them into little plays. Both girls loved it and were so good and attentive!

The theater purchased these boosters for all the kids that come to the shows. We are so lucky to have two brand new performing arts centers, one in our town and one in the next town over.

Thursday afternoon I got a call from my friend Sheri that she had just picked up two tickets to see Brad Paisley in the pit. I've seen him before live and he is really good. I rarely go out with friends anymore so I said, "Yes," to her invite.

Okay, so we were almost the oldest ones in the pit, and my feet hurt from standing for five hours, and I don't feel well today from having just one beer, but really, can you get any closer?

This morning the girls and I went to a puppet show with a homeschooling group. I am trying out three different groups and seeing which one we like best. This is our first outing with any of them. Mia has been to the puppet theater before, but not Anna.

They loved making their own puppets.

This is the owner, Annie. She does all the marionettes in the show. Her husband runs the cafe.

The girls loved the Aesop's Fables show.I have been working with Mia to get her to understand why the people didn't run up the hill to save the little boy from the wolf. She thought his little joke calling WOLF was hilarious.

After the show they played with all the puppets.

These are some very old marionettes from days gone by.

Afterwards, we ate lunch in the beautiful garden. We had no idea it was there as the last time we came here it was still winter (which can be way into May around here.)

The girls were so attentive and prices are so much more reasonable than L.A. that we will be going to shows a lot as part of our homeschool!

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