Monday, September 30, 2013

A Saturday in Fall

Saturday we went to an Open House at Dan's work. Because his company has a lot of government contracts, the public is not usually allowed into the offices. So it's the first time the girls got to see where Daddy goes mysteriously off to every day. And it's only the second time I have seen his workplace in 33 years!

Our first stop was Mission Control where we experienced a simulated launch and countdown. That was fun!

After that we headed up to Dan's office. What's with the flimsy paper name sheets? I thought his job was more permanent than that! Scary.

Not everybody has a job with this kind of view!

They got to sit in Daddy's BIG chair!

Meeting adjourned!

It was a very quick tour as we had to get to our next stop... a princess birthday party!

We are enjoying amazing weather here lately. Temps have been in the 70's and 80's. The bushes lining the creek behind our house are changing color.

And the mountains have pretty white snow on top.

The skies are so blue this time of year now that the afternoon thunderstorms are just about over. I love Colorado...minus January and February and March.

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