Monday, September 2, 2013


Today we decided to go to Georgetown, up in the mountains. It's about an hour away. We were a little bit lazy in the morning after having guests the night before. So we didn't start out until around 11:00. About three quarters of the way there, the traffic started to get really really heavy going the other way. Duh. It was the end of the last three-day weekend of the summer. A zillion people were coming back from the mountains! There was nothing we could do about it now! So we pressed on.

Georgetown is a cute little town with stores and restaurants. There is also a loop railroad there which we thought we might take but decided not to as we weren't sure what we would be up against on the ride home.

Our first stop was a library book sale. I bought some books for the girls. I refused to buy a book with all the pages coming loose. Mia really wanted it so she bought it with her own money. Dan negotiated a half-price deal for her.:)

We then had a terrific lunch.

After that, we cruised the town.

We came upon an ice cream shop with a giant blackboard for the kids to play on and some toys for sale. The girls never even noticed there was ice cream for sale.

We purchased some drawing pads with magic markers that made the colors appear as you colored. Mia drew the entire way home. Anna slept. She will up LATE tonight!

The locals gave us a tip about a road only open in the summer that would be a longer distance to home, but beautiful, and no traffic.

It was beautiful! Some of the aspens were even just starting to change color.

It took us three hours to get home. I then read a few of the books we bought.

Despite the long ride there was no traffic and that made it feel like a very relaxing day.

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