Friday, September 6, 2013

Good News and Bad News

Anna is home and recovering nicely from surgery.

The good news is:

She did SO MUCH BETTER going in and coming out of the anesthesia. No screaming at all. She whimpered a bit when she first came to. And then was really happy to enjoy a slushy. When it was time to go home she didn't want to leave!

She got new tubes and they were able to save one of her top front teeth.

The bad news is:

One of her top teeth was completely dead. It was extracted. Now the bone will not continue to grow there and her bone graft later on might be more extensive.

She has a large perforation (20% of the ear drum) in one ear from the previous tubes. The ENT tried to paper patch it but he doesn't know if that will work. There may be more extensive surgery for that later on as well.

Four surgeries so far is so much for such a little one!

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Roberta said...

AWWW sweet little munchkin!