Thursday, September 19, 2013

Still Here...

We are still waiting! Any time! Tonight maybe?

Here's what we've been doing.

Eating out. A lot. Every meal. Almost.

Going to Grandma's and passing out hand-drwan pictures to random school kids walking down the street.

Going to Brittany and Joey's and spending an evening with Brigit and Avery.

Going to lots of parks in lots of random cities.

Learning to color instead of scribble. At a restaurant. As we eat out. A lot.

Swimming in the hotel pool and in Becky's apartment pool. And getting yelled at by a lady because we are too loud. Do most kids play quietly in a pool???? Okay, even I can admit that both girls can have very loud voices. At times. Did I mention we've been eating out a lot and maybe they need an outlet where they don't have to sit still and be quiet and have good manners. Like a pool? Just maybe?

Tomorrow: Laundry!

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