Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tea Party

Today we went to "tea" at Mrs. M's house. Mrs. M is the neighbor who directed and produced the Wizard of Oz play. She is such a sweetheart and going through some hard times right now. I almost canceled, but I am glad I didn't.

She made the girls a lovely little tray of snacks.

We put in a Dora movie and let the girls play with Mrs. M's grandkid's toys and her and I had a nice conversation.

After that we bought new shoes for winter. The weather around here can change at the drop of a hat (I actually like that!) and it's just easier to be prepared. The girls each got a new pair of tennies and some warm boots. I can not pass many of Mia's shoes down to Anna as she wears wide and Mia's feet are narrow.

Here is what is going on in our life:

Speech: Anna is doing great! Her speech teacher is AMAZING! He is making videos of Anna's sessions that he uses when he gives lectures to students about teaching kids with clefts! We are so lucky to have been referred to him.

Eating: We are no longer eating the French way. I just don't want to can't do that many dishes! French people, I applaud you! We are eating 90% paleo at home. It really does seem to calm Mia's emotions. Dan and I are somewhat amazed at times about that. We don't know if it's the lack of gluten or the lack of blood sugar fluctuations. But no matter, it's working well. She eats non-paleo at school snack time and when at other's homes. With the history of eczema and autoimmune diseases in both my family and Dan's family and the history of eczema in Mia's birth family, I highly suspect we are all gluten-intolerant!

School: Preschool is going well. They seem to like it. Homeschool is also going well. We do both twice a week. They are pressuring me to send Anna to school four days a week as she qualifies for it. I am standing firm! No way! She is not even three yet. From what we have learned this past year, there is NOTHING more important for a child's mental health, education, self-confidence, abilities and relationships than to be firmly attached to their parents. She will be with me. End of story.

Mia's curriculum at home is:

Math: Singapore Math Kindergarten A
Reading: All About Reading Pre-reading Skills, Bob books

Though some of these are kindergarten level, it will take us a year and half to get through them since we only do them twice a week. At that time I will evaluate whether to move on to first grade or finish her kindergarten age year with another program. That's one of the great things about homeschooling-working at their pace!

Mia's fine motor skills are taking off like crazy. Her gross motor skills have always been amazing. She does stuff on the playground 8 and 9 year olds can't do. But, her fine motor skills were not there yet. But now...

She is a drawing maniac! Do you see the plans in the corner? Those are the plans we no longer need for the fireplace and the backyard. She is making "maps" with them. She literally spends hours on them.

I will be starting printing with her in January using Handwriting Without Tears.

Tomorrow Anna will have new tubes put in her ears as well as dental work under anesthesia. we are hoping the dentist will be able to save her two front teeth. This wouldn't be all that important to a kid without a cleft because they would have ample bone. Anna does not! We have been on such a learning curve with her. She is such a trooper! Last time it took her all day to recover from the anesthesia, but she had only been home two months. I hope it goes easier for her this time.

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