Friday, January 31, 2014

Art Class

Sometimes when you do something for someone else you end up getting even more out of it than they do. That's how it was when Dan mentioned he wanted to go to our financial planner's Christmas party. Ugh. I'm a bit introverted. I'm really not that interested in meeting a lot of people at once. And besides, I wasn't sure I would have anything in common with them. But Dan had a good point. We should go and try to talk to people that have been using this planner long term and find out what they thought about him. We aren't spring chickens anymore and really have to start thinking about protecting the savings we have. I went, with a happy smile even.

We sat across from an interesting couple. It's always easy to sit across from people who talk a lot. Less work for me. Soon I learned that she was a retired art teacher that now teaches art in her home, at a reasonable price no less. My ears perked up. And she taught preschoolers.

So here they are at art class using the light board...

and painting.

Their favorite part of class? Mrs. Hodges' dog and cat who wander in and out of the room. They are only three and four ya know!

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