Saturday, January 18, 2014


I never thought about January much when we lived in Southern California. I was glad when I got to wear a sweater occasionally and that was about it. When we moved here, January became a countdown. We're halfway through it. We're 2/3 through it. We're 3/4 through it. Yea, it's over! One more month and then Spring!

Colorado Januaries are not that bad compared to other states. It's cloudy and snowy one day and then sunshiny for 5, 6 or more days. Today it was 54 degrees and sunny. I saw people walking around in shorts. In making January a month of "it's almost over", I haven't enjoyed the many aspects that really are fun. So I decided this year would be different.

After every snow, we go sledding in the backyard.

There is also a sledding hill at our local park which we haven't tried yet, but plan to on the next snow day.

Every day that it is not snowing we have been taking walks. Mia has been riding her bike she got for Christmas and loving it.

Today we took the girls to the outdoor ice rink. Lots of these small rinks have been cropping up everywhere. They had a blast using the buckets to help them skate.

I can honestly say January has been a lot of fun so far!

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