Monday, January 27, 2014


When we first moved to Denver we were watching the news and all of sudden it was interrupted for a "Breaking Story". What was this incredibly important news? Why the Broncos were trading a player! Seriously! I do like the Broncos. But they are not God. (See last post) And, in my opinion, this "news" could have waited until the sports edition. But it was an eye opener as to the status of the team here: not exactly God, but God-like.

I was driving around a part of town I have never been to before when I had to laugh. It was just soooo Denver. I took a picture of two of the houses, but there were several more. And, in case you are wondering, it's real paint on the garage door!

Beth, is Seattle doing these things?????

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Beth said...

I took a poll at our Bachelor viewing last night. No one has seen any homes decorated like that. There are TONS of 12th man signs everywhere.

My friend Corynn said that her church cancelled their 4 and 5pm services on Sunday night and will be adding a 7:30 one for after the game. You should think of it as them making the most of your donations - why turn the lights on if no one is going to show up?