Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lego Movie

Yesterday we decided to have an easy day. We watched T.V. and played on the iPad in the morning. After that, we spent about an hour at the park.

It was beautiful and warm outside.

We went to see The Lego movie next. Here are our reviews:

Dan: Get me out of here, this is ludicrous. He slept through about half of it.

Me: The first half was boring. The second half was pretty funny and entertaining.

Anna: Is it over yet?

Mia: That was great!

I guess we are not in sync with the majority of people, some who say it's the best movie ever made. I can see it becoming a cult movie because there are so many unique one-liners, and plenty of dress-up opportunities.

After the movie we went to P.F. Chang's for lunch and then, you guessed, swimming!

Dinner was frozen pizza. If you have never had Amy's frozen pizza I would recommend it. It's actually very good.

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