Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Living Desert

Today we went to the Living Desert. It was so much fun!

We stayed for four and a half hours! They were exhausted but had such a great time and learned so much.

We enjoyed the large train town.

Ding-dong. The train is coming!

Mia was very excited about going on a camel ride. Anna was too. But we didn't believe her. We even asked if we could have a refund if she didn't want to get on it. We were wrong! She hopped right on the big guy!

After that Anna fed the giraffe. But...there was a bit of a problem when Mia started shaking the acacia leaves that the giraffe was supposed to eat from her hands.

He either got mad or just was tired of eating from little kid's hands. So he turned around and walked away to sulk. Seriously.

The line of about 100 people waiting to feed the giraffe (they only do it once a day) waited on pins and needles. Luckily, the volunteer was able to lure him back.

And he eventually took the leaves from Mia. Of course she held them very still this time.

Next we went to an animal show and petting zoo.

After a picnic lunch we headed to the animal hospital. We saw the exam rooms through the windows and got to watch some of them on a video. They were actually riveted to the videos and loved seeing that animal doctor visits are just like people visits except that they usually have to put the animals to sleep first.

After going on the carousel and seeing lots more animals, we headed home for another swim.

And then our nice Dani, who lives nearby, joined us for dinner.

Needless to say, the girls were asleep in five minutes at bedtime!

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