Friday, February 28, 2014

Overcoming Fear

My two little girls are so different! Mia was out of beginning swim lessons in a week. With one class a week that means she needed only one lesson. She's a fish and has little fear.

What do you need to graduate from beginning lessons? You need to not cry when the teacher puts your head under water. That's it. Seems like a little thing for most of us. But for the fearful sweet little child that is quite a thing to overcome!

So after five months of swimming lessons, Anna has graduated. She is no longer afraid to get dunked!

Now for those of you who think we started her too early, she begged to take lessons with Mia. And she went willingly every time. She just doesn't like to get her hair and face wet! And I'm not sure that would have been any different had we taken her at five or six years old. She still cries every time we wash her hair!

Congrats Anna! You're on you way!

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Roberta McKay said...

AWWWW such a sweet little thing. A big accomplishment for her!