Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wedding #2 Part 2

After the wedding we took a family picture before heading to the reception. It was definitely not our best! Let's hope we can get a better one at wedding #3 in August.

The cocktail hour was outside on the deck. What a beautiful night! This could never have happened in Denver in January!

The wedding party came in and right away husband and wife had their first dance.

And for the first time that day they got to sit down and relax!

There were some great toasts.

But everyone's favorite was the "cellphone toast"!

Let's just say a little libation can make the shyest, quietest person quite the star.

The father daughter and mother son dances were wonderful

The cake was the best wedding cake I have ever tasted!

Becky's high school friends were all together again.

The littles got to stay up late. They had so much fun!

The dance floor was full all night. It was a great wedding!

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Roberta McKay said...

I love your #2 Family photo! What a beautiful wedding.