Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Week in Fall

On Tuesday we walked to the park, about a mile away. It was a gorgeous fall day. Mia rode her bike there and Anna sat in the stroller. On the way back Mia taught Anna how to ride her bike (with training wheels) and helped her up all the hills. Needless to stay they were pretty tired and the day wasn't over yet!

After lunch Lorelei came over to play as she was on Fall Break from school. And then Becky, Arek and Maks came over for dinner because it was my birthday. I had lots of helpers with blowing out candles and unwrapping gifts.

On Thursday I took the kids to a homeschool skating activity. Mia brought her friend Ellie who was also on Fall Break. (We took our Fall Break the week before last as Anna recovered from her tonsillectomy.) The kids really liked it and we plan to go back again next month.

Yesterday he was Corporate Day at the Museum of Science and Nature. Since ULA is a corporate sponsor, we had free tickets for ourselves and Becky and Maks. We visited the space section and they all tried docking the Space Shuttle.

Dressing up as astronauts is always fun, but it was so crowded that there was only one uniform available.

We visited the whale exhibit and the kids climbed in a blue whale heart that was actual size!

Then I got in trouble for using flash photography in the exhibit so no more pictures of that!

At night Dan and I went to a fundraiser for Volunteers of America. ULA always buys a table or two for this. It's a Western theme and the entertainer is usually a country singer. This year they were able to get Trace Atkins as he is town to sing the National Anthem at the football game today. I took a lazy picture from our table.

But then realized that the big screen right in front of me would be a better picture opportunity.

Today we are going to the Melting Pot for a fun Halloween dinner!

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