Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Activities

It seems we could go to a fall festival or do a Halloween activity every day for the whole month of October. I am not exaggerating! But we chose just three activities this week and Anna has already said she doesn't want to do Halloween anymore. We'll see how she feels when everyone goes out Trick or Treating tomorrow night!

Dan has joined a new country club that is closer to our house. We checked out the new country club's Halloween fall festival on Sunday.

They did some crafts.

And got their faces painted.

They also got to play some games and eat popcorn. I would say the new club is going to be a good fit for us.

Monday night we carved our pumpkins! Dan was going out of town until late Thursday so Monday it would have to be! Anna picked the kitty on the left and Mia designed the crying pumpkin on the right. The middle pumpkin looked so cool when we bought it, but Dan could not cut through it! He even went and got the drywall knife to no avail.

We need to work on her smile!

On Tuesday we went to a homeschool coop Halloween party.

Crafts again..

More games...

And more treats!

When we got home Mia wanted to go to the neighbor's. I told her to go change out of her costume and put on play clothes. I was in the kitchen and she said goodbye at the front door after changing. But I did not see her. As she walked home later I was quite surprised to see her wearing a shirt and a pair of tights and...well that's it!

Oh my!

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Beth said...

They are getting some serious use of those costumes.