Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mile High Farms

Every year that we have been in Colorado we have gone to a harvest festival. I think the Denver area is king of the harvest festivals! We have not been to the same one twice! But this year's was our favorite. It was so uncrowded. And Becky and I both had groupons so it was very inexpensive as well. Becky's friend Jenny and her boyfriend, Nick, are visiting and they joined us too.

The kids loved the train, especially Maks.

We took a hay ride to the pumpkin patch.

Jenny picked out pumpkins, but we already have six at home and didn't need another!

A lot of the pumpkins had thorns in them. Mia picked out every thorn from this one.

The kids all got their faces painted, made bubbles, petted animals, rode on tire swings and played in the corn pits.

Our last stop was the maze. It took us about 30 minutes and we had a map!

We have done two of our annual fall activities, apple picking and attending a harvest festival. We still have Trick or Treating and Thanksgiving on the list to do! Love Fall.

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