Sunday, October 5, 2014

Steamboat Springs

Sooo...I have a hard time, a very hard time passing up a good deal. My aunt's timeshare had a really good deal for two nights in a condo in Steamboat Springs. I should have passed. We had fun. We really did. is four hours away! And hubby didn't get off work until 5:50 Friday. And did I mention it was four hours away??!! And did you know we have a four and five year old that go to bed at 7:30...usually. And did I mention it was FOUR HOURS AWAY! Oh...and Dan had a cold. Okay, you get the picture. Not a fun trip up the mountain. But...we really loved Steamboat itself and...we had a really good time on Saturday. So that is what we are choosing to remember. Not the four hour drive up the mountain, after work on a Friday with two tired kids. That part, not mentioning.

After breakfast in the condo (I did think that part through and brought breakfast food so we could lounge in the morning) we headed to Old Town Hot Springs.

Old Town Hot Springs is an outside venue with several pools and jacuzzis, all supplied by natural hot springs. Nothing is less than 90 degrees! Heaven. We were there for two hours and all of us loved it.

After that we were hungry and went out for pizza. Not paleo, but we don't usually stick to that on vacations. It was warm enough to eat outside, in the mountains, in October. Loved that, too.

After refueling our tummies we took a short hike to Fish Creek Falls. The aspens were turning. The color was probably a little better last weekend, but it was still beautiful.

The falls were gorgeous.

After the hike we went back to the condo to rest because we had a reservation at 2:30 for a really fun activity...bumper cars on ice!

It was so fun! Even Dan and I thought so! And Anna kept me warm sitting on my lap.

We ordered take out for dinner as we were all exhausted. We left for home after breakfast today. Despite the car trip, we want to go back! We thought Steamboat was just perfect, not glitzy like Vail, but clean and quaint with lots of open space and beautiful mountain scenery.

Tomorrow Anna is having a tonsillectomy. Sudden, I know. She went in Friday to the ENT for a scope to test which type of surgery the plastic surgeon will do on her palate for speech improvement on the 28th. But when he saw the back of her tonsils we had to put everything on hold. They are huge! They have to come out because the plastic surgery will obstruct part of her airway and she will need the space where the tonsils are to breathe. He said he couldn't see the back of them during the adenoidectomy six weeks ago! I don't know why a scope wasn't done before the adenoidectomy but I'm so grateful that they are all doing so much to help Anna that I really can't complain. Although the ENT said the way he takes tonsils out requires only three weeks for complete healing, the plastic surgeon doesn't feel comfortable operating on her on the 28th. So that surgery will have to wait until March. We could do January but the surgeon will be out of town! After the tonsillectomy, her speech will get worse because there will be an even bigger gap between her palate and the back of her mouth, but she should be able to breathe easier! So...tomorrow surgery #6 for our brave little girl. On the good side, she won't be in bed for Halloween!

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