Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Littleton Museum...Again

Anna did great on Monday with her tonsillectomy. She thought it was fun, getting attention from everyone, playing on the iPad and eating popsicles. She also loves the anesthesia as they let her pick out what flavor chapstick will be rubbed on the mask so she can smell it as she falls asleep. So far, they have let me go in with her every time. She will now be having the pharyngeal flap in March.

So today we needed to get out of the house. With Anna's surgery on Monday I decided this would be a vacation week from homeschool for us. But we can't do too much because Anna is not supposed to exert herself physically for two weeks. (Those who know her know that would never happen anyway.)And we just can't sit around the house playing Disney Princess Monopoly, playing on the iPads and watching T.V. anymore. to Littleton Museum once again where Anna can spend most of her time in the stroller.

We met Maks, Becky and some of their friends from California there.

We always spend most of our time walking around the farm. Mia took this picture herself.

We are enjoying a perfect weather Indian summer here in Colorado. I hope it never ends!

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