Thursday, November 20, 2014

Science Museum...Again

I took the girls back to the science museum while Dan was in California last weekend. When we went a few weeks before we didn't make it to the new children's section. I heard it was fabulous so we decided to make a day of exploring it. Since we received an annual pass through Dan's work we will be going a lot when it's cold outside!

We got there just as story time was beginning - digital story time!

The new water works play area was a lot of fun for them but you can tell they are getting older. Two years ago they would have spent hours there, but now 15 minutes and they wanted to do something else.

We dug for dinosaur bones and climbed dinosaurs.

There were some other exhibits we partook of but it was getting pretty nasty outside, and with Dan out of town, I didn't want to do any treacherous driving. So we left early. With our pass we can go back on a safer day!

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