Sunday, November 23, 2014

Surprise Breakfasts

I think I posted on this before, but since this is our family photo album it warrants another post for memories.

The girls like to sometimes make "surprise breakfasts". Basically, when they want to eat something we don't usually eat for breakfast they come downstairs before me and make a surprise breakfast.

They smelled the chocolate muffins I had made the night before, hence their gracious willingness to make breakfast for me! The muffins were for Friday night dessert and movie. I don't keep anything in the house anymore that is not fairly healthy so it wasn't a big deal. They also got chocolate chip cookies out of the freezer too. Both of these are made with almond flour and honey and have no dairy in them so they really are better than what a lot of people eat for breakfast every day.

They added some popsicles from the freezer (banana and raspberries blended together) and they called me down when it was ready.

Then I asked what these other plates were for.

Decorations of course, Mom!

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Beth said...

Seems crazy that they are old enough now to make breakfast. Can't wait till they're old enough to come visit and babysit for me :)