Sunday, November 9, 2014


The girls are starting to play games together, by themselves! They just go in the closet, pick one out, set it up, play for about five minutes and then get up and do something else. But it's a start! My older kids rarely even did this as their ages were further apart and they weren't interested in the same types of games at the same time.

Today we winterized the backyard, pulled all the cushions, covered the sandbox, etc. We have had a fantastically warm fall, but this coming week is going to be winter-like brutal. So for a final good-bye to our Indian summer, we roasted hot dogs for lunch at the fire pit! The girls' neighbor friend joined us.

By the look on Anna's face, I guess we should have removed the cushions AFTER lunch.

I'm doing a style challenge for women over 40. Beth has done several other challenges and she has learned how to dress really well. I could use a little of that! I've purchased the items and am just waiting for my 21 outfits to magically appear in emails, one each day. It was so easy to shop without thinking, just buy the items on the list. I'm really bad with any kind of design and when I actually do think it just ruins everything.

Today I finished shopping and reorganized my closet. I set-up one section as my "Fall Wardrobe". I know, I know, who am I? You see here clothes and shoes I purchased for the challenge, those I already had for the challenge and anything else fall-like that could be used.

My assistant, below, pointed out the good, the bad, and the ugly. Things such as buying any old blue button down shirt does not suddenly make it chambray. And the pictures all show a cardigan with buttons so why did I buy one without? She did like my khaki purchase though.:)

Of course a high fashion person like myself needs more than just one assistant.

I'm looking forward to this challenge!

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Roberta Watson McKay said...

I hope you enjoy the challenge. I'll watch for your outfits!