Monday, November 24, 2014

Atelier Homeschool Art DVD's

As part of going to a public school on Fridays, we get to borrow curriculum from the district. The main things we use, All About Reading, Abeka math, and Handwriting without Tears, are not items that they stock. But I did check out a DVD art curriculum. I had looked at it online in the summer but decided not to spend $300 on something I wasn't sure about it. But now it was free to check out!

We brought home Level 1 of Atelier Homeschool Art DVD's. It is for 4-6 year olds. I told Mia she needed to finish the lesson, but Anna could do as much as she felt able to do. Anna finished the practice page and then went off to play.

The lesson was about lines. After analyzing the lines in a Matisse portrait, they practiced making lines on their practice paper. The DVD shows the teacher doing projects but also students working too. I like this because students often want to quit when they can't make it "as good" as the teacher.


After practicing all type of lines, the lesson taught Mia how to make a caterpillar and fill it in with different types of lines.

Mia added legs to hers. The finished product was pretty impressive.

The only bad thing about this program is that we will have to turn it in for the summer and wait until fall to check it out again!

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