Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Thursday was a day full of activities for us. We first went to the Denver Puppet Theater to see a show about Baba Yaga. This is our third time going here and the kids have loved it every time. I left my phone in the car and wasn't about to go out and get it when it was 4 degrees so I have no pictures!

After that we went to the playground at the mall downtown and had lunch.

In the middle of the mall was the ice house from Frozen. It was set up as the place to visit Santa, but we already have that on the schedule so we just spent a little time investigating the place.

There was fake snow falling from the dome! How exciting! Snow! Sometimes you just have to be a little sarcastic.

After the mall we headed to speech therapy and after that to Bark for Books at the library. This time Anna read to the dog for a little bit too. Mia's reading is coming along nicely and she has just about finished the first level of the program we are using, All About Reading. I love this program. But since this is my first time teaching a child to read I don't know anything else!

The girls were EXHAUSTED when we got home and that went into yesterday too.

This morning Dan flew to California for a funeral. The funeral is for a friend's 24 year old daughter. This is our third friend to loose a child around that age. We have not lost any friends, but THREE of our friend's children have passed away. It's awful and out of the usual order of things.

Dan will be home tonight. I planned on taking the kids to the science museum again since we missed the new children's area last time but the weather already looks a little scary outside. It may be movie day!

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