Sunday, December 7, 2014

Advent Season

We are celebrating Advent again this year. On my kitchen table I have a centerpiece. It's a simple box with five votive candle holders and some rocks in the bottom. For the fall I added an autumn cloth underneath and some miniature pumpkins in the box. It looked really nice but I forgot to take a picture until it was cleaned up.

For advent we make it our advent wreath. It is not quite perfect as it is not round, but it works for us! And we eat dinner on Sunday at the table with the Advent candles lit. We are trying something new this year with the rocks. I dumped them all into a bowl and whenever someone does or says something nice, helpful, etc for someone else they get to put a rock back in the box. Our goal is to have it filled up by the end of Advent!

I was so tickled to find this burlap cloth in one of the Christmas boxes. I had forgotten all about it.

We are reading this book again for the third year in a row. The kids absolutely love it and it comes with an Advent calendar too.

We are leaving Baby Jesus out again until Christmas Eve. I put him in a drawer but Mia said he was in Mary's tummy so she put him behind Mary.

And the Wise Men are across the room again this year. They will make their journey starting Christmas Eve when they see the star in the sky. They will have to travel a little faster this year, on turbo-charged camels. We are leaving for a trip on December 27th so Epiphany will be coming early to our house!

Happy Advent everyone!

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