Monday, December 29, 2014

Our Christmas

I am in California! We are trying something new this year and renting a house in Palm Desert for a whole month. Dan is here this week and then he will be back on most weekends. As long as I am homeschooling, and the girls don't have to be at home for school, I might as well be warm!

Before driving out here, we had a very nice Christmas. We switched things up a bit this year. Ever since moving to Colorado we have had everyone over for Christmas Eve and then spent Christmas Day in our pajamas, relaxing. This year we just had Becky, Arek and Maks for a casual Christmas Eve, everyone else over for Christmas Day, and stayed in our pajamas the day after!

We opened presents before dinner on Christmas Eve with Becky, Arek and Maks.

After some play time, we enjoyed a baked potato bar for dinner and then headed to church at 6:00. Normally we go to a crazy crowded service at 4:00. It was nice to be able sit in a pew in church. All the kids were very tired and let's just say not on their best behavior!

The next morning we opened presents with just the four if us.

For their big gifts Anna got a new bike and Mia got a battery operated car. It was a nice sunny day in the morning so they got to play with their new things. But by afternoon we had a White Christmas!

Bill and family, Becky and family, and Lorelei and family came over later for a big prime rib dinner. Dan made some peppermint martinis which tasted like candy and, well, I had fun!

The day after Christmas we had to pack and put all the Christmas stuff away. We got it all our pajamas! The girls did shrinky-dinks while we worked. I did give them a few things to help with but mostly I gave them things that kept them out of the way!

Anna ate most of the leftover homemade applesauce. It was clean out the refrigerator for a long trip day!

At 5:00 AM the next day we left for our two day drive to California. Becky and Maks hitched a ride with us. We had to leave early because we knew with all the snow that the ski traffic going up the mountain would be bad. Yes, we do have some bad traffic in Colorado.

Now we are here. It's a little bit cold for Palm Desert, 50's and 60's. But it's not the 1 degree it was when we left!

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