Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Coop

Thanksgiving is over and we are now well into the Christmas season. These last two years, with Thanksgiving so late, have caught me a little by surprise. I am not where I usually am with Christmas preparations!

The Monday before Thanksgiving the girls and I went to a Thanksgiving coop with our homeschool group. There is a good group of kids close to our girls age this year and we are getting to know them through the coops.

It started off with learning how to draw pilgrim hats.

Then they made their own pilgrim and Indian hats.

The readers were pilgrims and the nonreaders, Indians. Mia raised her hand to be a reader when I was out of the room!

She did pretty well reading the script with a little help from an adult, considering she kept her script on the floor!

Group shot!

Lastly they made Indian bracelets.

After all the crafts and stories we had a feast of lunchmeat, cheese, bread, fruit and veggies with cookies for dessert!

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