Friday, December 12, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas is almost here. Is there nothing better than a four and five year old at Christmas? They know there is no Santa Claus but they pretend anyway. They are SO eager to decorate the tree. As they hang the ornaments they jump with excitement.

As the older kids grew up our Christmas tree was a mishmash of store-bought (mostly hand-me-downs from my mom) and kid-made ornaments. I didn't appreciate it. I always admired my sister's perfect tree with just the right colors and ribbons. So when Becky was a senior in high school I asked for a whole new set of Christmas decorations for my Christmas present that year. I loved it. It was perfect. Then we moved and the colors didn't go with the new house. So again for a Christmas present I got all new ornaments. After a few years of having these ornaments I found myself not even wanting to decorate the tree. I was bored. Ornament after beautiful ornament, the same. I started to wish I had kept a lot of the sentimental ornaments we had in the old days.

But not to worry, I have young kids who are at the perfect ornament making stage. Our tree is starting to look like a mishmash again! I love it. Now if we could just get them not to put all the oranments on one branch...

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