Friday, September 4, 2015

No More Driving

Long time no blog!!!  We left for California Saturday and I had my computer but not my charger. Dan went home for work and came back and now I have a charger so I'm ready. I have no excuse for not blogging the week before that! Sometimes I just get out of the habit.

We used to have one birthday in September. That would be today, Becky's birthday. Now we have four birthdays! We celebrated Maks with his gift before we left and we will have a little dinner when we get back. Grandpa and Grandma took him horseback riding with Anna.

He will be three on September 17th. Such a big happy boy! He was a pro.

A week later we left for two weeks at the new house. We drove to California this time. Why or why do I do this to myself, and the kids, and Dan??? I forget every time how long it takes. 

We took an extra passenger this time. We weren't sure we should leave hime for two weeks. Now we know. We should! He is a very good dog, but we will be flying from now on!

We stopped in Telluride on the first day. My grandparents lived in Telluride in the 1920's. My mom gave several things of theirs to the museum a long time ago but I didn't see any of it on exhibit. 

There was a music festival going on in Telluride and it was crowded so we had dinner in the next town over. The girls played pool, hung out at the bar, and watched football. Seriously.

We drove by Monument Valley on our way to our hotel. It would have been a 40 minute drive to actually go into it and we were just too tired of driving. Did I mentioned we are not driving again???

We arrived on Sunday...more to come!

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