Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Joey's 30th Birthday Bash

After being at the California house for a day and a half, Dar and Sean came to watch the girls. We were going to Joey's thirtieth birthday bash in Vegas!

Right before we were ready to leave, Sean mentioned the 15 freeway might be a little crowded already due to construction and maybe we should take back roads. We cannot thank him enough! Had we not taken the back roads we would have been on that freeway at the precise time the big fire started and stranded tons of people. Thanks to Sean, we arrived right on time to check in and meet Joey, Brittany, Cookie and Michael for an Asian fusion dinner and then to watch the Blue Man Group.

After the show, we walked the strip and found a small brewery to hang out. Dan and I turned in around 1:30, a really really really late night for us.

The next day we went to lunch at the Hofbrauhaus, an exact replica of the famous German brew house. Matt, Lauren, Ed and Marissa arrived in Vegas and joined us.

This guy was quite a character. He actually drinks, a lot, on the job. I guess that IS his job.

A few from our group tried to bounce quarters into a mug to receive a free beer. No luck.

Marissa purchased "paddlings" for the boys. Our waitress was a little bit evil before the paddling and she was downright masochistic as she paddled their rears. They were all in a lot of pain!

These two tried to out chug some big men in the chugging contest. It was no contest.

Cookie got hives for the second time. The first time was in Jamaica. She must be allergic to one of us!

We gambled in the afternoon and went to dinner at Steak Shack? I think was the name. Everyone raved about the burgers. I'm vegan right now, but the bun with tomato, lettuce and onion was surprisingly good.

The next morning I dropped off Dan at the airport early and drove back to La Quinta for three more days of getting the house ready. It was a fun, relaxing, enjoyable trip to celebrate the birthday of a fun, relaxing, enjoyable son! Happy 30th Joey. We love you!

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