Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Back to Bloggin'

Oh my. My computer went to the computer hospital again. For the same reason as the last two times.  My track pad keeps going out. I mentioned to them it was the third time and that my Apple Care expires in December and that I feel I possibly have a "lemon".  I was hoping for a new computer but they at least agreed to replace the logic board this time as well. Here's praying that if it goes out again  that it is before December! So...I have not done any blogging. :(

Things have been a changing' around here. The first change is that we took Anna out of her Junior Kindergarten. There were lots of reasons.

1. She didn't like it and wasn't adjusting.

2. She wanted to be at Friday school where Mia was and I don't blame her as I told her all last year she would be going to Friday school this year. Yes, I often do not know how to keep my mouth shut.

3. She had three pages of homework every night. This is preschool people, although they call it Junior Kindergarten. It's preschool!!!! I had to be honest with myself and realize that this would not be a good match for Mia were Anna to get into the school through the lottery. And frankly, Anna did not like the homework either. She wanted to do her homeschool work which was more interesting, but she couldn't because she had to do all this homework during our homeschool time! So for that month she learned nothing new because everything they were doing at preschool she already knew. And it seemed counterproductive to keep learning nothing new for three more months so Anna could be entered into a lottery for a placement at a school we would probably not send her to.

So we put her in Friday school as a kindergartener. Her birthday is one day from the cut-off, September 30th. But guess what? There is another girl in her class, smaller than Anna, with the exact same birthday.  And Anna got invited to her birthday party on her first day of class. And they got to dress as princesses for the party.

She did cry a wee bit the second Friday but when I told her I would come visit at lunch she was fine. So we'll see what happens this Friday!

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