Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Just Relaxin'

We are on a real vacation in La Quinta this week. No workers! Well, I just might sneak a tile repair man in today. :) While we were gone we had all the tile and grout cleaned in the main rooms and gravel put in all the planters. There is so much less dirt getting in the house! We were going to wait until next year to do the landscaping but I'm so glad Dan talked me into doing it now.

We had some Mexican fan palms planted in the corner. Very vacationy looking!

And we had them plant our favorite, bougainvillea, on several walls.

But the best is a navel orange tree which will give us oranges when we come in the winter!

The Farmer's marker in Colorado just ended for the season and the market here is just starting!

I bought all these persimmons for $10. They are $2 a piece in Colorado!

We have been relaxing a lot, swimming, going to the children's museum (bought an annual pass), and going to the park. We've only made one trip to Home Depot so far, as opposed to many times a day the last three trips.

We are going home Thursday so the girls can go to Friday School and then it's back again for Thanksgiving week!

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