Monday, October 12, 2015

Anna's 5th Birthday

Anna's birthday celebration was two weeks ago but it's never too late to blog, right?? It was her year to have a party.  She wanted to go ice skating. I had to tell her that was pretty impossible at her age. If you have seen a four year old ice skating you would know. They can barely go one foot without falling. And a whole bunch of them? No. I explained that she could have a regular party at home or somewhere else or we could go ice skating with just Maks and family. She chose ice skating!

It was kind of short lived. Maks could not stand up, even with a walker type contraption. And my back hurt from holding him up once around the rink.

Dan took Anna around a few times. Poor Mia, who loves skating, has another yeast issue and she would not put on the skates because she couldn't itch her feet. (That's more of the changes, back to a primal diet, back to the naturopath.) So we headed next door to Lollipop Park!

Then we went home and had Chinese food and chocolate cream pie!

Happy Happy Birthday to our amazing five year old!

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