Monday, December 21, 2015

Busy Thursday

We had a busy day last Thursday. First we did school in the morning. Then I spent about an hour preparing treats for the girls to take to an Elf party and dinner to eat in the car. Mia is on a gluten, dairy, soy, and egg free diet right now so we could not eat most of the food at the party. But we are very pleased with our new pediatrician and we think we are finally seeing some results!

I only took one picture, which was bad, shocker, so I dragged these off the blog of the woman who threw the party. If you read my blog, Liese, thanks!

The timing was perfect. As soon as the movie was finished we headed out to help with Operation Santa Claus.  It was frigid outside, never getting out of the teens all day.

We wrapped our gifts.

Then we swing the car by the back of the grocery store where they load it up with six boxes of food. We then had the privilege of dropping the gifts and groceries off in person at the home of a needy family!

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