Saturday, December 5, 2015

Thanksgiving in La Quinta

It was a great week!

A snapshot of Wednesday. Just relaxin...

Buying a new TV. The bracket "suspiciously" broke on the old one when all the guys lifted it. Dan had put all our old videos on digital format and we all watched them after the kids went to bed. SO. MUCH. FUN.

A table that seat eight adults and a bar that seats five little ones.  Perfect.

Thursday.  It wasn't super warm, but it's Thanksgiving in La Quinta and we are going to be outside, no matter what!

We picked up Thanksgiving dinner from Jensen's Market. It was pretty good, except for the green beans. 

Friday. Christmas!

Friday night. It was Arek's thirtieth birthday. Dan and I were going to take everyone out to dinner. Then we came to our senses. Seven kids six and under???? Two infants??? So...we had the chef come to the house. After bedtime. We decided an 8:30 dinner is a must every get together from now on.

I think I might have told the chef I would pick up some platters. I think I might have forgotten that detail.

Saturday. Home. Cousins. No more words needed.

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Roberta Watson said...

Oh my goodness...a big family of love!