Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas 2015

Becky and Arek came over before dinner on Christmas Eve and we exchanged gifts. Oliver messed his clothes so he attended with just a diaper on, but oh so sweet.

Christmas morning is so fun with little kids! Santa left Anna a new scooter. She was so excited that it didn't have "training wheels". Her old scooter had two wheels in the back.

Mia has been asking for a skateboard for three years now. I hope this wasn't a BIG mistake. We are making our little daredevil wear knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet when she uses it.

We did not spend much on them at all this Christmas and they were just as happy! The Furbies are driving us cRaZy!!  They have no off button!

Beth's mom-in-law, Roberta, sent them gifts.

Dan's secretary also gave them some little Anna and Elsa dolls. 

I had to get them a Cootie game after seeing it at the Toys From the 60's exhibit at the museum. I have wonderful memories of this game.  Mia thinks it's boring but Anna really likes it. We also got them the game, Sorry.

For about an hour we had a little bit of a White Christmas, which was unexpected.

We also had a smaller group than expected. Stel and Bill both had the flu so we were down five people. Becky and family and Greg, Deirdre and their kids were still able to make it. The new horse racing game that Beth sent Dan was a big hit.

Anna stayed in her jammies the whole day as she woke up with a cold. So glad it wasn't the flu!

It was a Merry Christmas!

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