Sunday, December 13, 2015

First Week of December

Here is a few things we have been doing lately.  We bought our first coconut! Anna loved the coconut water. I liked it, but watered down. Mia hated it. None of us liked the coconut meat.

We attended a poetry tea party coop.

Mia's birth grandparents came from Vermont for a visit and brought some fun presents!

We attended a Christmas puppet show. This was the stage. The Denver Puppet Theater is quite unique. One lady does everything, takes the tickets,  and does all the puppetry and voices. She also writes all the scripts. They are a little out there sometimes. 

For the first time we went downtown to watch The Parade of Lights. The weather was just cold, but not bitterly cold. So it was time! Since it started at 8:00, we decided to get a hotel room after and spend the night!

The low riders were really fun to watch. I thought it would be very scary to be inside one.

Life is good!

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