Thursday, May 3, 2012

A First for Everything

Monday night we went to the Rockies game. Okay, some of us (3 out of 4) went to see a Dodgers game. I'm not one of the three. Stel and Michelle came over to our house with Lorelei and we got a babysitter for the two of them. It was a disaster. The two have a lot of fun together, I mean A LOT of fun. I believe the babysitter's words were, "They were very naughty". They especially gave her trouble when they were supposed to be in bed sleeping. Those two just wanna have fun!

What were us adults thinking? Lorelei has NEVER had a babysitter. NEITHER of them has ever slept in another child's room or with another child. NEITHER of them have been with another child with a babysitter. BOTH are used to the attention of two parents. That doesn't mean the girls didn't get in a lot of trouble. But the adults realized that being gone for 5 hours the first time was probably stupid not such a good idea. But we had a good time. And the Rockies won. hehe

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