Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Older Bunch

Since we don't see their day to day activities, I don't get to post too many pictures of the older bunch. But A LOT has been happening in their lives.

Guess who is getting this cute little thing in a few weeks?

This little guy is named Alfred and he will be living with his new mommy and daddy, Beth & Greg, at the end of May.

And guess who just might be buying this condo very soon?

This was Brittany's grandmothers and Joey and Brittany are thinking seriously about buying it. Their first house!

And guess who just got their first real job in their degree field?

Well, since there was only one kiddo left, it was pretty obvious. Becky got a job in a lab! Her first 9-5 gig!

Life is just as busy for them as it is for us!

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Beth said...

Alfred makes the blog!