Friday, May 4, 2012

Littleton Historical Museum

On Wednesday we met one of our playgroups at the Littleton Historical Museum. I wasn't expecting much, but I was quite surprised! It was great! The museum wasn't much of a hit, but the 38 acres of an old homestead was perfect for preschoolers to explore. Mia actually understood some of the history.

We first visited all the animals. She was a little disappointed that you couldn't go right up to them after being at the petting zoo in California.

Next we went into the log home. This home was moved here from another location.

On our way to the one room schoolhouse we passed a sod home. I remember these fondly from the Little House books. It was locked so we couldn't explore the inside.

Inside the one room schoolhouse the kids got a lesson (sort-of, they are all 2-4 years old). Mia played with the slates for a long time. Ringing the bell for school to start was also a big hit!

There is also a lake and old fashioned stables as well as goats, geese and peacocks. This was a great field trip and learning experience...and best of all, free!

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